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Your First Visit

During your first visit with Walk N Healing, you'll experience relaxation and comfort, dedicated to your well being and peace of mind. We want your spa experience to be a memorable one.

Begining Your Session

Upon your arrival to, you will be greeted and asked to fill out a Client Profile Form, and a wellness chart. With this, I require you to come in 15 minutes early of your appointment.

The Wellness Chart is where you record any medical history, past/present injuries and other physical conditions we should be made aware of.

Your massage therapist will greet you and review the Wellness Chart with you.

Closing Your Session

Once your massage therapy session is complete, your therapist will leave the room so you may re-dress.

Your therapist will wait outside the room for you with a cup of water, and then take you back to the front area when you're ready.

Our massage therapy sessions vary from 1-hour to 1 ½-hour to 2 hours in length. Each session includes a 5 minute pre-interview and 5 minutes at the end for you to re-dress.


During your initial visit, a client/therapist consultation will be conducted in order for us to identify which treatment is best for you
and your therapeutic needs.


Your first visit will present challenge and relation our therapeutic process relieves resistance in body and spirit.


Perhaps the most important part of our process is that of education. At "Walk N Healing", we believe in educating our clients through the process, that which enables the patient to grow.